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"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningha

My simple approach allows me to be flexible and ensure client satisfaction. My goal is to make you completely satisfied, a client for life. I focus on one thing, getting the shot right the first time. Be it a wedding, a quinceaƱera, a maternity, newborn, senior or family portrait photo shoot. It's about you and capturing your important moments in life.

I am consistently honing and refining my photography skills. I invest in furthering my photography education, with seminars, keeping up with the latest trends, I intern with award winning master photographers. I consider myself blessed to be able to do all this and I am passionate about bringing those skills and values to my clients.

- Cesar
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Friday, February 17, 2012

The 'W' photo sessions

I love putting together photo-shoots, it's simply fun and exciting. The "W" album was inspired by creative and talented professionals on Feb. 17, 2012. We had so much fun working together, putting some amazing work out and most importantly - making it happen. Please enjoy a few of my favorites. Photos by: Cesar Ayala. Hair and makeup collaboration by: Richie Rio Carreon & Justine Tellez Models: Lulu G. and Ruby G. Behind the camera and makeup: The lovely Lucy A. and the always effervescent Marlene G.

This is Ruby, she is simply beautiful and a complete blast to work with. She had fun playing the super-model for a day and completely sold it. Thanks Ruby!

I love it! What a natural. 

Richie was going for this look, and again Ruby nailed it.

The running shot, I imagine it's a little hard running in heels?

If you know one thing about me by now is that I simply love dramatic images. 

When we saw that dress it was a definite yes for the shoot. She wore it so well!

This is Lulu, she's completely beautiful and a total sport for modeling. Thank you Lulu for being completely open to my ideas. However for now, I'm keeping this blog rated PG13 so we can't show my favorite from the session (for now! ;-)

Ah, WOW!

Lulu started working on this tattoo about a year or so ago. The moment I saw the outline and she explained to me what the final thing would look like, I had to make sure I shot it. This is what I had in mind. 

Hot for teacher! Yes, I want to stay after school and help! >)

Now that I look at this shot, the one thing that would have made it better? 
Water! Yup, water. Next time!

Not only do you get photos of yourself when you hire me for a shoot, you get a workout too! Let's just say her core received a work out that evening


Friday, February 3, 2012

Lupercio Family Portraits

Jan. 2012: This weekend I and my assistant (my lovely wife) had a great time working with the Lupercio family. It was mini-session in the park. Here are some of the pictures we captured. Hope you enjoy them!

Immediately after these were taken, the kids started to wrestle each other, totally fun!

Funny thing, as I was taking these pictures the kids started pushing and trying to knock each other over. I love it when kids play, because you get these incredible smiles

Mr and Mrs Lupercio all smiles. These two were a riot, dad kept us on our toes. Although he might not want to hear it, he's a total natural in front of the camera! ;-)

What an attractive family!

Well you didn't think it was going to be all work and no fun now did you!? Good times.