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"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningha

My simple approach allows me to be flexible and ensure client satisfaction. My goal is to make you completely satisfied, a client for life. I focus on one thing, getting the shot right the first time. Be it a wedding, a quinceaƱera, a maternity, newborn, senior or family portrait photo shoot. It's about you and capturing your important moments in life.

I am consistently honing and refining my photography skills. I invest in furthering my photography education, with seminars, keeping up with the latest trends, I intern with award winning master photographers. I consider myself blessed to be able to do all this and I am passionate about bringing those skills and values to my clients.

- Cesar
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gaytan Productions Workshop - Ambient Light + Flash and Posing.

What a great day yesterday. Spent the day at Ramiro Gaytan's, "Ambient Light + Flash and Posing" workshop. We had three gorgeous models doing their thing, a makeup artist, a Ferrari and of course El Maestro. It was a fun filled day with a lot of teaching and learning going on, it was simply impressive.

I came away with a new understanding of lighting, and posing. I can go on forever on that, but let's get to the fun stuff... here are some of the images I captured in the workshop, I will try to add more pictures, especially the beach shots! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them, cheers.

Dramatic Sunset at Santa Monica, CA. Model, Consuelo.

 Little red Ferrari, baby your much too fast!

I was going to leave the color in on this one, but when I made it black and white, it looked so much better to me. Model, Mariana.

Watch out, this beauty comes with a warning! "HIGH VOLTAGE"! ;)

Ashley by the red door... What a natural beauty.

She looks like she belongs in that car!

And that's it for now folks... keep tuned in... And thank you for your visit.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friends and Family Photo shoot

I gave myself a project this month putting together a friends and family photo shoot for the holidays (sort of). Although I could not get everyone in on the first session, I am very satisfied with the results of the shoot and look forward to the next one.

Below are some of my favorites from each of the sessions. 

I setup the studio lighting with the main light set to F8 and worked my way from there. I used a total of 4 lights, however midway through I turned one off to get a warmer, fuller lighting affect. Most pics are shot at F11 to get that warm feeling I prefer and love. 

This session was mainly shot as follows: ISO 100, 1/125 @ F11. The beautiful thing about studio sessions is the control you have over the light, like making cookies using your best cookware and cookie cutters... or at least that's what my wife says! ;-)

First up, Eleazar's family:

I love this shot of Eleazar - a Mexican singer, he's ready for his debut album.

I really love this photo...

Then we have JR's family:

Lovely family portrait. I love the fact they matched their outfits color, they're all very different, but then alike.

The girls were so easy to work with, they both loved seeing the pictures afterwards, kids love the camera if you show them the results...

Then we have Alvin and Courtney, these two are funny together...

What a great couple, look how beautiful they look together, but my favorite pic follows this one...

And here it is, I had a hard time containing myself after seeing this picture, it became one of my all time favorites immediately! I'm thinking I'll call the picture, "Love, Together".

Here we have Ruby and her rambunctious baby girl, it was a fun shot. In this shot, she was all but done and didn't want me shooting her anymore, I offered her a dollar if I could take a few more pictures of her, I asked her to try and look at herself in the 'mirror' (my lens) and she gave me this look. Immediately a winner.

Although I'm putting these out of order here, the following shot was at the start of Ruby's session, so both of the girls were ready. Look how beautiful they are...

Finally Ruby's daughter was done with me, so I took Ruby out of her mommy mode and placed her into the sexy mode, oh yeah Ruby, work it baby, work it! ;-)