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Friday, January 14, 2011

Newborn Sessions

Happy Friday everyone!

My wife has been reminding me to post some of my newborn sessions for the longest time now. I have been, for one reason or another putting it off. Today my son and I met a very lovely expecting mother at the park and it just made me act! So, here are just a few newborn sessions, albeit they are old sessions, but nonetheless more than needed on my blog.

One of my favorite subjects to shoot are newborns. Yes they are challenging, and yes they cry and poop on you but the images bring such great joy to both mom and dad. And seeing that joy in mom and dad is a great feeling. It takes me back to when my two rug rats were so small I could hold them in one hand, they were so tiny back then.

Anyhow, on with the show!

All these children were a pleasure to work with. Mom's and Dad's were in most cases very apprehensive about posing baby this way or that way; but having had two of my own and working with many infants in the past, there's nothing to worry about... ;-) Infants can be posed in virtually any position so long as their tummy's are full and mom is near by. Enjoy!

This is baby Jonathan, this picture was eventually used as the baby announcement. Dad is presenting baby to the world.

There were too many images to choose from, so we made this collage so a lot more could be enjoyed.

Baby Tiana - now this baby girl could sleep! I don't believe she woke up once during the session. Not even when we removed her clothing for this shot actually. 

Little angel in the clouds, beautiful!

This is baby Chole, we had two sessions with her. The first one was challenging and even thought mom and dad were happy with those results, I felt we could get those 'aw' pictures. And here they are, during the second session everyone was much more comfortable and it helped us get these images: 

See you very soon!